Swolen Legs and other body parts

Swollen legs can be treated with Cabbage Leaves, to take out the inflammation and even infections:

  1. Get Cabbage Leaves, use the outer leaves, which you can sometimes even get free of charge and pick them up from the floor in grocer shops and super markets
  2. Wash them thoroughly
  3. Cut out the thick stems
  4. Roll them with a glass bottle to break the leaves so that the juice comes out and they become soft
  5. Put the cabbage leaves around the leg, arms, breast or other areas and wrap up with bandage and leave overnight
  6. Unwrap in the mornings and wash the affected area. Throw away the leaves and make sure no animals are eating them as they are TOXIC!
  7. Rub the affected area with Cold-pressed Virgin Olive Oil
  8. Re-apply until the problems are solved.

The Cabbage will draw out poisons toxins, inflammations and infections!
The Olive Oil will give Vitamins and help the healing process!

This is also very affective for nursing mother's infected breasts (Mastitis)

- - - All the best !! - - -