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00:00 - 01:00:

  • The eTolling Debacle
  • The Depression - incl, Stress, Physiology, Anti-Depressants,

01:00 - 02:00:

  • The Depression - incl, Stress, Physiology, Anti-Depressants,
  • The Collective Depression …

"Collective Depression" … - I think, now you are onto something, Aubrey!

Yes, that DOES EXIST !!!
It all has to do with VIBRATIONAL ENERGY, especially the BAD or LOW Vibrational Energy

This National Depression,

… can be compared to something very similar, to explain it all …
That has to do with Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD), where the weather and the seasons of the year have an influence on the people.
Well, just go and observe how the people are driving (from a secure place), as they are going absolutely crazy when there is a LOW PRESSURE Zone approaching, just before a Thunder Storm …
Have you experienced this before. please be careful and more aware the next time around!

Here is another explanation for another similar effect:

It already happened a few times, when I treat one person, while the other is waiting, the treatment administered to the one person also helps the other one for similar problems.
The untreated patient also felt better and more energetic afterwards.
- How would you understand that?

Well, the VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY working in on the one also has an effect on the other person(s), too.
This is exactly the same when the rain starts, or "Collective Depression" right through the whole country.

Hope this helps.

02:00 - 03:00:

  • National Collective Depression …
  • BEE

Apartheid: Bad idea, good implementation
BEE: Good idea, bad Implementation
eTolling: Bad idea, bad implementation !!!

03:00 - 04:00:

  • Infidelity at the workplace

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