2016-06-12, Sun

Program & Host Overview (Time Table)

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Radio Program

Host: Abongile Abs, Leanne de Bassompierre

00:00 ~ 01:00

01:00 ~ 02:00 Leanne de Bassompierre

  • Detoxing:
    • It all starts in the Colon - Life & Death — Better be careful !!
    • 1 in 10 people die from Life Style Diseases
      • … and in the next few years this will still worsen considerably if the Medical Industry does not wake-up! One cannot expose people, animals and plants to EMF/RF at an ever increasing rate (24/365) and get away with it! This is the next nightmare already causing many cases of EHS - even now!
  • Cold Feet is an indication of poor Blood Circulation. Reflexology Treatments and BEMER Therapy will help to ease that. Even a cold & warm water bath according to Fr. Kneipp - always ending off with the cold water to close up the pores to keep the heat in!

02:00 ~ 03:00

03:00 ~ 04:00

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